Amazing Amelia Bea

Amelia Bea

Amelia Bea

Amelia Bea is one of the most popular jewellery designers based in New York who have been creating jewellery pieces for ages now. Her jewellery designs are truly glamorous and one of a kind and highly focuses on the remarkable magnificence of gemstones. The stones utilized in Amelia …

Designer Jewellery Updates


The beginning of 2010 is one of the most memorable moments to everyone especially Hollywood performers.  Last month several spectacular events have taken place which really captivates global attention.

Some of the most interesting events that happened last month includes The Annual Golden Globe Awards, Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards …

Alexa Garner Sidaris


As fashion jewellery continues to bloom and reach its potential a lot of professional designers have also arrived delivering nothing but hot designs of jewellery pieces that everyone likes especially individuals from movie and modeling industry.

Alexa Garner Sidaris greatest inspiration in her designs is land, sea and some interesting …

Jewellery Guides

Jewellery Pieces

Buying jewellery pieces is not just an ordinary thing that a man or a woman does. With that knowing the quality of jewellery pieces you buy is really important. There is a tool that can help you determine if the item you are going to buy is genuine or not. …

Hottest Agrigento Jewellery Designs


Agrigento, One of the Best Jewellery Designers

Alissa Frazer is the one who created Agrigento jewellery designs. Every pieces of jewellery that Alissa is creating are truly genuine and are considered a must have stuff for women.

Agrigento is truly well-liked by most women not just in Europe but almost …