The Animal inspired Hillier Collection at Astley Clarke

For individual and quirky jewellery, check out the animal inspired Hillier Collection at Astley Clarke.

Astley Clarke is thrilled to introduce Katie Hillier’s Collection to their extensive range of designers. Taking inspiration from everyday items such as a paper clip or love heart, Hillier’s jewellery collection showcases animal ‘doodles’ and …

Best of the Jewellery Channel’s New-in Collection

As we move into the autumn period, why not add some colour to your jewellery box with The Jewellery Channel’s new-in collection? Featuring gemstones in sparking tanzanite, turquoise and ruby, be sure to find the perfect piece this AW11.


RHAPSODY AAA Tanzanite (2.40Ct) and Diamond 950 Platinum Ring 2.650Ct

The Best of Astley Clarke’s International Designer Collections

The Astley Clarke team have been busy finding the best international designer collections recently. After globetrotting from Spain to as far away as Bangkok, the Astley Clarke buying team have found some exquisite pieces. Here are our favourites from their AW11 collections.

The Large Skittle Silver Turquoise Bangle (£355.00) by …

How to tell if your Jewellery is Real or Fake

One of the most essential things that customers should know about the jewellery they buy is to determine if it is real or fake. As you might probably know, swindlers and bogus sellers are scattering into places. They will make you buy their item for no good reason at all. …