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After spending long and gruelling years studying and developing her craft in Milan, Anja Dige had proven herself to be a most desirable name in the jewellery world.
Her company Dige Designs offers all the beautiful glitz and glamour of the red carpet without the overbearing price and over worked look.

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Created and Founded in 2006 by designer Anja Dige, Dige Designs offers the physical chastity of pleasing arrangements and colours. By combining modern refinement with intricate structure the designs of Anja Dige emphasize the individual style of each woman and inspire the confidence to manifest her self-expression. By using only choice attributes, each piece is accurately crafted and hosts an array of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Crystallized Swarovski Elements, Italian Murano glass and 22 carat gold plated silver.

These pieces are sure to make your heart melt and make every other woman in the room envious. With fairs or shops available in France, Germany and Italy, it is worth the trek for these precious gems. Anja Dige and Dige Designs, are trusted names in the jewellery industry.

With positive referrals from existing customers and rave reviews, Dige Designs is here to stay. With her fabulous collections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, shoppers can pick up something for every occasion without having to travel all over Europe to find that one matching piece. All of Dige Designs pieces can be interchanged to create the exact look you are going for. All I have to say it well don Anja Dige, well done!

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