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Aris Geldis is a jewellery designer from Greece who is redefining traditional jewellery.
His designs are crafted to bring to mind visions of Greek goddesses, helping to make every woman who wears them feel sexy and strong.

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His jewellery speaks of strength and grace with flowing geometric designs and opulent touches that create an otherworldly feel to every piece. Aris Geldis has created a line of jewellery that combines refined style with a wild touch that makes each item a work of art. This is jewellery that can easily redefine an outfit and create a new and stunning image for the wearer.
Aris Geldis’s design’s are a leap forward in jewellery and create a bold new look that will be sure to gain much attention. These pieces have recently been showing up on celebrities including actress Emma Watson. This is fast becoming a coveted line for fashionistas always looking for the next big thing.
Buying Aris Geldis’s jewellery is a way to truly look on top of the latest trends in fashion. His jewellery is refined luxury that will make a lasting impression. With such trendy yet classic designs these are sure to be pieces that will be worn for years to come.
The bold look and structured designs of Aris Geldis’s jewellery is sure to become a classic in jewellery design, making this a style that will be fashionable for a very long time. This is a new way to interpret the look of a goddess in today’s world.

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Greek born Aris Geldis has a self expressed passion for ‘refined wild stuff’. His creations are rich in strength and nonpareil to the point of transforming his jewellery wearers into his version of Greek goddesses.
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