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Atelier 11 is a composite of jewellery designers based out of Antwerp, Belgium.
They launched their design studio in early 2000, and opened a retail location in Antwerp in December of 2003.

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Their vision was to “unite the experimental with the commercial”, using humour and colour.

Twice a year, Atelier 11 designs one collection for women and one for men, based upon various themes. Every one of these collections is simple, unique, and thoughtfully designed. Atelier 11 designs for intelligent men and women who want their jewellery to do more than decorate, but to mean something personal. A few notable collections are “9to5” and “Opposites Attract”.

“9to5”, Atelier 11’s collection for the autumn/winter 2003/2004 season, was designed for both men and women. Inspired by the ever-increasing speed of life in today’s society, this collection is full of numbers, clock cogs, and wheels. A particularly clever set of earrings resembles the hands of a clock, and a pendant from the “9to5” collection bears the words “Faster Bigger Better”.

“Opposites Attract” was the unisex collection released for the spring/summer 2004 season. This collection incorporates symbols of peace and war that would normally seem to conflict. One pair of earrings portrays a soldier holding a large rose in place of a gun. A necklace bears a pendant with the word “Bomb”, using a peace symbol as the letter “o”. Intended to be a bit humorous, this collection appeals to a smart crowd that wants to make their own statement of individuality.

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