BARK, a London based company offers jewellery and small accessories in many colours and styles.
Designer and founder of BARK, Miwako Yoshioka, based her design structure mostly on childhood memories.

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Skilfully designing with discourse from every season and wistful desire of uniqueness, Miwako Yoshioka does not disappoint with her beautifully crafted designs. Available in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Ireland Miwako

Yoshioka’s designs are there for the taking. With her collections of Gold and Black, BARK designer, Miwako Yoshioka, always keeps things young and mirth providing. A compliment to any style, BARK offers quirky glamour to all its shoppers. Specializing in handmade pieces, Miwako Yoshioka is sure to involve herself one hundred percent in the production of her jewellery.

Every single piece of BARK material is shown extreme care so all goods are handcrafted in Miwako’s workshop. This keeps the collections from becoming mass-produced objects and showcases the fine quality and construction of each piece. Desirable to the masses and politely flattering shape and style Miwako Yoshioka is solicitously mindful in choosing her buttons and beads. BARK also offers a distinctive sport motif on chains and refined emblem-like charm necklaces appealing to the young in us all. Seen more as art than jewellery, the BARK collections have been highly regarded by fans across Europe and Japan. Although Miwako Yoshioka is a long time designer, she keeps things fresh with her creative mind and offbeat style. With personal qualities such as hers and the exquisite taste for funky design and quality work, Miwako Yoshioka will be around for many years to come with her pleasing designs that remind us all of a childhood of long ago.

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