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Benedicte Mouret graduated in 2002 from Central St Martin’s School of Art and Design, in London, with a BA in Jewellery Design.
After graduating, she went back to her native Paris and began designing jewellery under her own brand name, BENEDICTE.

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All of Benedicte’s jewellery is produced in limited edition. Her designs are heavily influenced by fashion and femininity and tend to be sculptural or textile in nature. Benedicte is inspired by couture history and uses both menswear and women’s lingerie to create her unexpected designs.

Her first collection was released at her St Martins degree show and uses simple yet dramatic lines. This classically elegant collection draws on men’s clothing such as ties, cuffs, and collars. This first collection has distinguished Benedicte Mouret’s style as a designer and this continues to show throughout her collections.

Her second collection, Mademoiselle, is an evocative and refined look at sexuality and sensuality. The collection features metal lattice patterns and lengths of coloured elastic reminiscent of lingerie. The defining characteristic of the Mademoiselle collection is sexiness. Her next collection, Tuxedo, is a view of the opposite side of the spectrum: a graceful and feminine look at menswear. Benedicte takes traditionally masculine symbols and reinterprets them delicately.

Her most recent collection, Aiguille, uses the sewing needle as a symbol of femininity. Benedicte uses dynamic lines and simple designs to create her elegant expression of the needle. Her work is perfect for the woman who wants to explore and express her femininity and sensuality through her jewellery.

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