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As a long time designer, Birgitte Bonnerup is one of the most widely versatile jewellery designers appealing to both young and old.
Her ancient inspired yet modern designs can complete the look for any fashionable wardrobe and make a woman feel as though she is the runway diva of the street.

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To our surprise, it wasn’t until Birgitte Bonnerup had reached the middle of her life that she discovered she had a talent for creating beautiful ancient inspired jewellery influenced mostly by Indian and Scandinavian designs. In crafting her jewellery, all of her stones are set by hand are available in either sterling silver and 18 carat gold or oxidized. From sparkling earrings to dazzling necklaces and simple yet elegant bracelets there is definitely something for everyone. In exquisite cool and earthy tones, this jewellery is sure to compliment any skin tone and fashion style. Sold across Europe and the UK in Denmark, Germany and England with 18 shops to chose from, the fabulous designs of Birgitte Bonnerup are just within reach of anyone hoping to own a piece of one of her timeless collections. With feminine grace, Birgitte Bonnerup brings a quality to her work that shows in her designs. Unique colour combinations and handcrafted avant-garde signature pieces are a must have for any fashion forward woman looking for the prefect accessory to polish off that effortless look. After taking the time to see her collections and read more about this wonderful woman, I can see how her clientele is so loyal. Never disappointing with innovative designs to suit the needs of all. I would recommend her work to any one.

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