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Boho Soho jewellery shimmers with a carefree disregard, a shining, airy candour that radiates elegant, unaffected beauty.

Its diverse collections boast whimsical, jangling charms, bracelets and necklaces, and contemporary, shape driven rings and earrings.

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Boho Soho jewellery is simple, clean, and brazen; its large, bold silver moves and rests naturally on the body and its crystal and earthy gold highlights add subtle life to its modern charm. The majority of Boho Soho ring, earring, and cuff link collections are crafted with large, solid brushed or polished silver pieces; they are often tangled courageously around dramatic negative space, and occasionally embellished with simple crystal or gold highlights. The bracelets, necklaces and charms are often simple and comfortable, frequently consisting of enchanting motifs including hearts, simple fruits, and smooth river stone like pebbles. Boho Soho combines form and function gracefully, incorporating the clasps of each piece into the design creatively, in a way that captivates and amuses.

Boho Soho is perfect for anyone that loves modern, bold fashion, contemporary artistic styles and a dazzle of free spirited charm. It beams with a breezy, present buoyancy that looks and feels natural on the body, and brings beauty to the surface in a bewitching, almost touchable way. Boho Soho is available at designer jewellery shops in Gloucester, Liverpool, Durham, Lancashire and throughout England; with its diverse collections and affordable beauty, you’re bound to find something that works perfectly for you. If you already know what you’re looking for, make sure to call the jewellery shop ahead to ensure they have what you want.

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