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Breil jewellery offers a wide variety of powerful styles and bold, uncluttered motifs in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that combine elemental beauty in simple and unique combinations.
Breil jewellery is diverse; some collections are energetic and vital, brandishing strength and determination through sharp angles, leather and hide straps, and brushed steel.

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Other collections are charmed and warm, simple and endearing with rose coloured pendants, simple wire wraps and clusters of silver and copper coloured steel pressed in shapes reminiscent of scales or leaves. Breil also boasts elegant collections of 18ct rose gold and steel combined in innovative, smooth, delicate lines and shapes that form exquisite rings, unique bangles, and beautiful necklaces.

Breil is owned by the Binda brothers Marcello and Simone, who’s family have been producing beautiful, diverse jewellery for more than a century. While the company is headquartered in Milan, it operates in several countries and its alluring and powerful collections are widely available throughout England and much of Europe. With stunning, matchless pieces in diverse styles ranging from 70 to around 1400 Euros, it’s not difficult to find Breil jewellery that brings out your best qualities, be it a bold, powerful style or elegant, unaffected charm.

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