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Citrine By The Stones is comprised of Mary, Michelle, and Joanne Stone.
The Peruvian born mother and daughters share a love for jewellery and its role in a woman’s life.

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A woman can put on a different piece of jewellery for a different persona, or to express a different part of her identity and personality. Through her jewellery a woman can be sexy, classic, dangerous, or beautiful. The women of The Stones also share a love for the history of jewellery and its power to unify. Adornment is a practice that ties together women of all cultures throughout history; women have put on ornaments to define themselves, express themselves, and beautify themselves since time began.

A woman’s life changes in seasons, and The Stones various collections reflect that change both naturally and drastically. Each collection represents a different aspect of their passion. The Stones are inspired by the textures and materials they see around them, and by history, mythology, and ancient cultures. With eight extensive and distinct collections, any woman will be able to express herself through The Stones creative jewellery.

The Boho Collection celebrates a free spirit and features necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces adorned with colourful charms and stones. The Golden Petal Collection is sensual; an expression of feminine beauty in 18 karat gold. The pieces in the Mare Collection might remind you of the beach; many items feature shells, bamboo, or beautiful pieces of natural coral.

By the Stones creates all their handmade jewellery in Miami, Florida.

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