Chamilia jewellery is different and quirky; it’s peculiar, bewitching and highly personal.
Each piece, either a bracelet or necklace, is completely customisable, created by adding your selection of one or more beautiful, unique, incredibly expressive beads to a silver or gold chain or bangle.

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Founded by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski, Chamilia was created to put design in the hands of its customers, to empower people to express themselves elegantly and effectively. With over 600 beads handcrafted from coloured precious or semi-precious stones, Italian Murano glass, 14k gold and sterling silver, Chamilia gives women the power to change their jewellery to fit their mood or surroundings, just like a chameleon. Chamilia brings a graceful, rich beauty to charm bracelets and necklaces by applying keen, contemporary style and a vast variety of colour and texture to both the chains and bangles, and the beads. Killian Rieder continues to create new bead designs, conceptualising them from her own colourful creativity or from customer’s ideas, and crafting them from quality gold, silver, and stones.

Today, Chamilia is quickly moving to the forefront of fashion, and has already overtaken the customised jewellery market. It has an always growing collection of exquisite, quality beads and has already formed a successful partnership with Disney to provide exclusive, authentic Disney beads not available anywhere else. With beads ranging from around 30 Euros to several hundred, almost anyone can create their own, highly personalised and unique jewellery.

Chamilia is a family owned company based in the United States out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They distribute their beautiful jewellery worldwide, however, and retailers throughout England sell their beads, bangles and chains. Chamilia is a company you can feel good about buying from, too; they support community causes all over the world and donate a portion of their proceeds to awareness and research campaigns for Breast Cancer and Autism, as well as various world peace programs.

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