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Dyrberg Kern was born from the collaboration of two trend setting jewellery designers, Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern.
Their vision is one of high fashion and beauty. They create modern, luxurious jewellery with simplicity and high quality.

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Their designs have roots in traditional Scandinavian designs, but the designs remain contemporary with current trends and relevant to the international market. Throughout all of Dyrberg Kern’s collections, you will see simple and clean lines and design that is both modern and classic. Thus, the Dyrberg Kern brand is popular with women of all ages from different cultures and seems to transcend many seasonal fashion trends.

Dyrberg Kern is not just a jewellery designer. They have four main collections: Jewels, Time, Eyewear, and Man. With each new season, Dyrberg Kern creates seasonal collections within these four categories. Jewels is a collection of traditional women’s jewellery: rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. In the Time Collection, you will see beautifully bejewelled timepieces crafted in the characteristic Dyrberg Kern style. Of course, the Eyewear Collection features glittering, glamorous Sunglasses. It also features accessories with which to hold your sunglasses on that are just as glamorous as the glasses themselves. Lastly, the Man Collection has all the jewellery a man could want and more, with bold masculine designs. Everything from cufflinks to rings, sterling silver bracelets to leather and silver necklaces appear in this collection.

The way Dyrberg Kern blends the contemporary with the classic has set their style apart and made them an enduring brand.

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