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Eva Gozlan, the French creator began her designing career selling jewellery at well-known London market areas such as Spitafield and Portobello, but it wasn’t until she returned to Paris that her brand developed.
All of her fantastic creations were uniquely inspired by her own personal experience when she travelled to various different countries.

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You will find that Eva Gozlan’s designs and collections are very simple yet unique. She feels that women are the all the more beautiful without a lot of extra decoration. The number one material used in Eva’s designs is brass. Combined with delicate pearls and sometimes semi precious stones her designs are created trendy and special. She crafts pretty, whimsical items such as purses, butterflies, and even an angel wing out of brass giving the wearer a sense of glamour with a modern twist.

Eva’s designs are set apart by her materials and the trendy look. Whether you like pink, black, or anything in between; her one of a kind designs will look perfect for any occasion. Working with primarily necklaces she designs in a style that is suitable for business, casual, or for a night on the town. You will not walk away disappointed from an Eva Gozlan collection she is diverse enough to have an item for even the most picky of jewellery wearers. These delicate chains slink across the skin enhancing whatever classy out fit is being worn. Eva Gozlan’s collection is well rounded with simplicity and combines a modern approach with whimsical pearls and jewels.

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