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Italian gold is prized and coveted all over the world for it craftsmanship, style, and quality.
Fope Gioielli is a luxury Italian gold and diamond jewellery company headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, with exclusive worldwide sales and distribution. The Fope Gioielli lines of Italian gold jewellery have a long family history.

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The company has been in business for eighty years, founded in 1929 in Vicenza, Italy by Umberto Cazzola as a luxury gold workshop with twenty employees. It was the first jewellery company to make elastic watch wrist bands. It is still family owned, by third and fourth generation grandchildren, and sells world wide.

Fope is famous for the Fope chain, a Novecento mesh chain Fope began producing in the ‘70’s and the foundation of all the company’s jewellery lines. Seven lines of Fope Gioielli were introduced in 2009 by Ernest Jones, UK watch and diamond specialist, in exclusive retail markets: Flex-it elastic bracelets, Maori Novecento chains with diamonds in double stripe design, Unica multi-chain necklaces and bracelets, Luci earrings, Profili oval chains and bracelets, Meridiani everyday Novecento chains, rings, and earrings, and Ines oval diamond jewellery.

Fope Novecento mesh bracelets, collars, chains, and earrings are distinctive, fashionable, and easily recognizable. Fopes Novecento jewellery comes with a written warranty and is patented. The name Fope can be seen on many pieces in the supporting heavy or slim link. Wearing Fope lends the prestige and privilege of a famous Italian luxury jewellery brand. It is ultimate classic Italian gold and diamond jewellery.

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