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Swiss made watches are an ultimate luxury, desired by many and prized by all. A fine Swiss timepiece will last a lifetime or longer and is an investment in true quality.

Launched in 1997 by Guess, Gc watches were originally steel with Japanese movements and called Guess Collection and quickly evolved into higher end Swiss made precision movements.

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The creative fashion expertise of Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess, goes into Gc’s lines of distinctive luxury watches, making them one of the top-selling Swiss watches. Gc Watches operates exclusive boutiques worldwide for its luxury line of fine Swiss made watches and maintains offices in Switzerland. The big bold affordable luxury design of Gc watches marries texture, shape, patterns, luxury materials, and colour with superb functionality for an expressive, contemporary statement.

The luxury prestige brand Gc collection includes the SE-1 Series of sport chic watches, SE-2 Series of rectangular/octagonal watches, and the Diver Chic Series of ceramic waterproof watches.
A Gc watch is easily recognisable by the embossed “Gc” and bold, modern design, as well as the use of rose gold and contrasting materials. More understated than Guess watches, Gc watches are designed for an active, mature, worldly clientele. Precious gemstones, luxury materials like mother of pearl, and Swiss precision movements add elegance, beauty, and opulence in an appealing timepiece. Wearers will attract the eye of anyone with a taste for contemporary style, elegance, luxury, and quality.

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