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Hot Diamonds is a phenomenal jewellery brand, which has kept the position of No.1 selling jewellery brand in the UK since 2001.

Hot Diamonds jewellery designs stunning collections of authentic sterling silver and conflict free diamond jewellery. These include hot diamonds charms , watches, diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and diamond earrings.

What to know when buying Hot Diamonds

Sanford Simpson’s, the co-founder of Hot Diamonds has always had a love affair with jewellery and film, and the brand was literally born from a film quote:
“I don’t like cold things against my skin”…”Well why don’t you invent some Hot Diamonds?” Said Grace Kelly & Cary Grant, To Catch a Thief, in 1955.
In a similar fashion, Hot Diamonds jewellery shares the timeless sophistication and desirability in every jewellery collection, which has enabled them to win the UK Jewellery Brand of the Year award twice at the highly regarded UK jewellery awards.
Taking their inspiration from the 4 C’s of diamond buying, Hot diamond have their own mantra similar to the Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity elements to look out for. These are Creed, Creativity, Craftsmanship, and Commitment.
Hot Diamonds design original jewellery, which stands out from the crowd, and create irresistible jewellery featuring the most sought after materials, never skimping in quality. Every jewellery item is crafted from precious materials, including diamonds, sterling silver, 9ct white and yellow gold, as well as 18ct yellow gold and platinum. All their diamonds are sourced from conflict free sources, and are hand picked by a dedicated team for their brilliance and clarity.

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Hot Diamonds Stargazer Silver Earrings

Hot Diamonds Stargazer Silver Earrings

Hot Diamonds Stargazer Silver Earrings
The Hot Diamond Stargazer Silver Earrings are a fabulous addition to anyones jewellery collection.
Looking for that special gift that adds sparkle and sentiment, while complimenting the semi dressy or casual attire of the nature lover in your life? These little stars are set with …

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Hot Diamonds Slice Silver Cufflinks

Hot Diamonds Slice Silver Cufflinks

Hot Diamonds Slice Silver Cufflinks
Oblong slabs of quality sterling silver engraved with bold rectangular designs create sharp lines in the Slice Silver Cufflinks from Hot Diamonds. The silver is polished to a high shine, in contrast to the unfinished engraving, which creates brilliant visual interest at the cuff of …

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Hot Diamonds Designer Bracelets

Hot Diamonds Bracelet

Hot Diamonds jewellery is made from only the best genuine materials, featuring precious 18ct and 9ct gold, as well as exquisite white gold, sterling silver, platinum and fine diamonds.

Each piece of Hot Diamonds jewellery painstakingly designed and crafted by hand to ensure desirable jewellery collections.

This spring check out …

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Top Hot Diamonds Necklaces

Top Hot Diamonds Bracelets