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One of the hottest jewellery trends of L.A. comes from a French born designer by the name of Igal Dahan better known as I.D.
Jewellery has always been his way of channelling his emotions, especially love.

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I.D. was born and raised in France and was educated using European fashion trends. He is currently bringing America his unique work and passion for jewellery. His current celebrity clientele includes celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Snoop Dogg, Jon n Jovi, and Ashanti.

Igal is using three very important elements of life to portray his work; life, love, and relationships. His ‘Cuffs of Love’ collection is the essence of all three elements. ‘Cuffs of Love’ include bracelets and chokers that consist of miniature handcuffs on a coloured thread. They are available with either the miniature handcuffs or cuffs that are shaped like a heart; some even have a cubic zirconia for that extra bit of sparkle.

Adorning the wrists of many celebrities are these bracelets and you can wear them too. They come in a variety of sixteen different colours and the sizes range from small up to extra large. With a varying amount of colours there is sure to be a bracelet or choker to go with any outfit you own. When people see you wearing one of these signature pieces of jewellery everyone will ask where you got it and you will be the hit of all your friends. They will be begging you to share your secrets.

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