The opulent, the mystical, the baroque, are distinctive hallmarks of Iosselliani. Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci are the masterful power behind the throne of these Roman jewellery designs. Paolo began his career creating jewellery for fashion houses like Missoni. In 1997 he teamed with designer and craftsman, Roberta Paolucci, and together they established the house of Iosselliani. Their pieces were all hand crafted in their own unique style. As the partnership grew the two designers began using precious stones and metals in their creations, leading to the birth of the luxury brand, Progetto ar100. Following their own cultural legacy the team of Paolo and Roberta wield power and tradition into their designs. They define beauty for the sake of beauty, often layering one delicate strand of metal upon another until the piece forms an unexpected, surreal, yet totally captivating and enchanting vision. The line of Iosselliani is not for everyone. It boasts of success, discernment, empowerment, bold and beautiful for artistic renaissance people with a keenness for the dramatic.

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Iosselliani, the creation of Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci, are masterful designers and craftsmen. They define beauty of the sake of beauty often layering one delicate strand of metal on another until the piece forms an unexpected, surreal, yet captivating and enchanting vision. Bold, beautiful designs for artistic renaissance people …

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