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Izabel Camille is a Danish jewellery studio located in Denmark that specializes in the design of jewellery.
Izabel Camille was founded by Kamille Vibekke Ostergaard and Ann Ulrich.

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Ann Ulrich is responsible for the commercial aspects of the business while Kamille Ostergaard is creative director and principal designer for Izabel Camille. Ms. Ostergaard has been a professional jewellery designer for the last decade.
Ms. Ostergaard’s artistic style and designs have been heavily influenced and inspired by forms, shapes, light and the colours that proliferate in Nordic nature. Ms. Ostergaard’s designs are released in only limited editions
In the creation of her designs, Ostergaard attempts to inspire women to relate to their inner beauty.
In turn, women who wear her designs have their inner beauty enhanced and imbues each wearer with an added touch of delicate femininity. Ostergaard uses pearls and gems typically ensconces them in 24K gold, plated sterling silver or modern silver (rhodium) to create her designs of intricate beauty. Ostergaard produces her designs in limited editions and releases four exhibits annually.
The designer envisions her primary buyer to be an attractive young woman who is educated, trendy and well-dressed and love to buy unique, beautiful jewellery pieces. The women who buy and wear jewellery designed by Isabel Camille feel beautiful and special. Isabel Camille seems to appeal to the romantic side of women. Although the women who wear Izabel Camille designs are confident, their natural aura of mystery and femininity are subtly enhanced by a simple pair or earrings or necklace.

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