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Josephine Bergsoe was trained by the famous goldsmith Klaus Kroman.
Ms. Bergsoe lives and creates her individualized collection in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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After completing her study under Kromann, Josephine started to design her own line. Every piece of jewellery designed by Josephine is unique. Her unique designs have attracted many celebrities for whom she has designed unique, handmade pieces.

To that end, Ms. Bergsoe designed a ring especially for Ms. Halle Berry to wear to the Academy Awards. Ms. Bergsoe has also designed jewellery for Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep.
In August, 2008, Ms. Bergsoe participated in a showing of sustainable art at The Danish Museum of Decorative Art. Ms. Bergsoe and her colleagues are seeking a greater focus on sustainability within the trade of goldsmiths specifically. Many companies and individuals are becoming more consciously aware of the environment and what we as human being should be doing to improve it. Ms. Bergsoe and other goldsmiths in Denmark are seeking ways to create knowledge and information within their trade to ensure sustainability by using materials that ensure sustainability without sacrificing creativity and beauty. The idea behind sustainability for designers is to ensure that the materials that they work with are environmentally safe and correctly mined. For example, Tahiti pearls are used sparingly.
Josephine works only in 18K or 22K gold or a combination of silver and 22K gold. To add beauty to her hand hewn designs, Josephine adds diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls and aquamarine stones.

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