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The famed and fabled Le Vian family were jewellers in sixteenth century Persia, where they were entrusted with the royal jewels by the Shah.
The family traces its roots back 2500 years to one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Multitudes of the world’s most famous jewellery items for the rich, famous, royal, and powerful have been crafted by the LeVian family.

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In 1950, Mr. Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian emigrated to the U.S. from Persia and founded the current multinational Le Vian Company in New York. The company became famous for it’s acquisitions of Tanzanite and Turquoise, and currently, chocolate diamonds. Although royalty and billionaires, celebrities and movie stars wear Le Vian jewellery, Ephraim LeVian’s son Eddie has worked very hard to bring LeVian to middle income markets and has built a famous collectible jewellery brand for everyone.

Le Vian brands include Le Vian Couture, Le Vian Time, Le Vian Chocolatier, Arusha Exotics, and the Deco Estate Collection. Le Vian has trademarked the Chocolate Diamonds and Chocolate Pearls it designs getting the stones from the Argyle mine in Australia. The collection of chocolate diamond jewellery, Le Vian Chocolatier, is a unique and stunning line of coloured diamonds, dark and milk chocolate, with fanciful and evocative names like “Chunky Chocolate Diamonds” and “Sweet Chocolate Diamonds”. The unusual rings, bracelets, and pedants are distinctive for their gem-encrusted designs that evoke luxury, opulence, and even royalty.

Le Vian Chocolatier and all of Le Vian’s delicious collections are highly prized and coveted by the rich and famous all over the world, as well as every day jewellery aficionados and collectors everywhere.

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