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Leo diamonds are hand crafted by one of the world’s oldest diamond manufacturers.
Leo Schachter is a family owned company of diamond manufacturers that create diamonds that are considered to be masterpieces.

What to know when buying Leo Diamonds

The Leo diamonds have facets that are cut to reflect natural and artificial light that then reflect and appear as fire. This is created by a prism effect. Leo diamonds are considered to be a better quality than comparable diamonds due to their reflective nature.
Each Leo diamond is marked with a unique number to identify it. This is a very popular choice in diamonds due to the superior quality and the incomparable beauty of each stone. Leo diamonds are highly sought after and considered to be the best choice for anyone who is looking to purchase a diamond.

These diamonds are sold in high end jewellery stores and boutiques, and are the premiere fashion statement. This is a diamond that will be instantly noticed and recognized by anyone who knows about fine jewellery. These sought after diamonds have become a staple among the rich and the famous, causing many women to want one of their own. This is a choice in diamonds that will make a big impact and show a great deal of good taste.

The facets in the diamonds create a fire like light that will capture attention from across a room, making sure that they are noticed and admired. This is a perfect choice for anyone looking to make a statement about good taste and personal style.

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