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Maria Leoni & Nicky Vonk are a dynamic duo that hail from St Kilda, Australia.
Every piece in their limited edition collections is designed and hand crafted by Leoni & Vonk.

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The duos’ jewellery is available exclusively online from Manjoh, they also have a secure number of private clientèle and their brand is recognizable world wide.

Leoni & Vonk jewellery embraces an uncomplicated air with a modern edge, yet maintains the essence of luxury and glamour. The pair generally work with sterling silver, semi precious gems, and fresh water pearls. They are arranged together in a way that gives it distinction and timelessness. Some of their work includes both pink and white fresh water pearls along with sterling silver.

Sterling silver goes with almost any type of outfit so the current collection is very wearable. Several of the newest pieces in the Leoni & Vonk jewellery collection include a futuristic sterling silver chain with numerous pink and white fresh water pearls. These would enhance the outfit giving it a sense of old fashioned glamour girl made with a modern twist. You would surely be the envy of everyone who sees you wearing these sensational handcrafted pieces. It would give a business suit look softer while maintaining the edge of a business woman. The pieces would work well with a black cocktail dress for a night on the town with the girls or a party at the club. No matter what the occasion Leoni & Vonk would be an honour for any one to wear.

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