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Les Deux is Joele Huybrechts and Demitri DeCoom’s new jewellery brand based on their idea of renewal.
The goal of Les Deux is to create pieces that exhibit eclecticism with a hint of timelessness.

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The newest collection is based on renewal and an investigation of a concept the designers call “the mountain is calling..” Les Deux is typically a line designed for both men and women who see themselves sailing a separate and stubborn course through life. Although this viewpoint could intimate that the designers would have a laissez faire attitude toward their pieces, the reverse is actually true: the designers are wedded to their materials and their attention to detail.

The hallmark of the Les Deux collection is based on paradoxes: structure versus form; detail versus the abstract; woman versus man. It appears that the designers are repeatedly drawn to create new pieces that exhibit contrast and paradox and yet they manage to create a collection that radiates a technical aesthetic infused with innovations.
Les Deux creates and releases two collections annually. To design their pieces, themes are chosen based on the designers impression of what they perceive around them in everyday life. Les Deux creates unique, contemporary rings, earrings, necklaces and brooches. Most of their pieces are bought as ensembles, but like other well designed pieces of jewellery, these ensemble items can be worn separately and still effect an aura of timeless diversity.
Les Deux manages to create what appears to be a product that is at once simple and elegant.

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