2006 Stockholm, Sweden. Maja Littmarck took her dreams for fashion and made them reality with the fashion company Littmarck Swedish Treasure & Design.
Like most fashion designers creativity and beauty are important, but for Maja Littmarck so is compassion.

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Her current collection of bracelet designs combines the ethnic flavour of Northern Europe and the Arctic’s soft leathers and reindeer horns with city chic 100% silver accents. But the bracelet designs don’t stop at your wrist. The Fierro is a twist of leather pieces that either wraps around your wrist, around your neck as a necklace or around your waist as a belt. According to the designer, the leather darkens naturally over time as you wear it making each piece genuinely unique.

The embroidered half of the current collection was inspired by the nomadic Sami tribes of Scandinavia and Russia. Leather bracelets are decorated with tin and silver made into intricate braid work. Some of the leather is also dyed red, green, blue and yellow, which are the traditional colours of tribe’s duodji crafts. There are three types of tin and silver braiding used on the bracelets.

Most of the designs have a single simple or complex braid, while others have a single braid in the centre with two thin braids on either side. The Gisruis style has a wide cuff split into three sections of metallic braids on the leather. Maja Littmarck’s use of bright leather, antler fasteners and light-catching metallics are a unique mix of the nomadic and urban.

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