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Melinda Maria jewellery has become one of the most in vogue jewellers with the jet set and celebrities all over the world.
The Melinda Maria design philosophy is to craft stunningly beautiful pieces of jewellery which are also reasonably priced and available to all women.

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In today’s recessionary times, many women are seeking ways to maintain the same beautiful high fashion looks, but spend less money doing so. Thanks to Melinda Maria jewellery, any woman can wear pieces which appear as if they cost a mint, but in fact are priced just right for today’s budget-minded times.
Since the Melinda Maria jewellery line is created from the highest quality costume jewellery, the prices are far lower than many other lines, and the look is just as lovely. Many of Great Britain and America’s top celebrities have fallen in love with the stylish and bold look of Melinda Maria jewellery, and these A-listers have been seen all over the world wearing Melinda Maria.
Created primarily with a thick, high quality gold plating and genuine gemstones cut by the most experienced gem cutters in the world, this jewellery will make you the immediate focus everywhere you go. When you wear Melinda Maria jewellery, you can be certain that you will often be asked “Where did you get that fabulous jewellery?”
After all, Melinda Maria is known as the “bling queen”, and her high quality designs which look like a million – but don’t cost – it are proof of that.

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