Octelle was named to represent the symbol for infinity which is shaped like a figure eight.
This is shown in the eight sided design of the Octelle diamond.

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This diamond was created exclusively for Ernest Jones to become a representation of everlasting love. The octagon shape of the stones has quickly become a favourite among celebrities and was initially made popular when it was seen in the Sex and the City movie. The Octelle diamond was created to show off the beauty of the diamond and create a unique expression of love and devotion. This is ideal as a diamond for a proposal or an anniversary gift due to the romantic symbolism. There are diamond pendants, earrings, and rings in this stunning collection. This is an original and stunning collection that will make any woman happy to receive. This is a gift that any woman would love to wear and show off to their friends.
This is a good choice in engagement rings especially since the ring should be proudly displayed and shown off. This is the type of diamond that will generate a lot of compliments and will become an instant favourite. Even with the contemporary cut of the stone, this is still classically designed jewellery that will never go out of fashion. The style is inspired by vintage designs that have a timeless quality that everyone looks for in fine jewellery. This is a beautiful and elegant option that can help to define a look and look stunning every time that it is worn.

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