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Hip Hop Icon and political activist Russell Simmons has come together with a top jeweller to create a line of jewellery that is empowering to African people.
The company’s philosophy focuses on using Africa’s top resource of diamonds, and then giving back the proceeds to the nation’s orphanages and HIV/AIDS hospitals.

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As unique and expressive as Simmons himself is the Russell Simmons line of jewellery. This environmentally aware and politically relevant artist has taken the concept of urban style and fused it with elegance to create a live suitable for all ages.
With 50 percent of the money going directly to aid a wounded nation, wearing Russell Simmons jewellery will not only make you feel beautiful on the outside, but you will also feel it on the inside, knowing that you have contributed to the ending of criminal occupation of villages in African countries, and in assisting countries like Botswana in Africa in becoming more economically self reliant.
When Russell Simmons made the decision to become a part of the fashion world, he did so in an honourable and productive manner. He and his name stand for truth and justice, and he did not stray from this thinking when launching the collection. The Russell Simmons jewellery line is ideal for a person looking to flash style as well as make a difference in a world where the mainly superficial haven’t seemed to be able to acknowledge the real problems that the sought after diamond has caused to a nation in distress.

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