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Designed for women, and geared toward brides, Sea mist showcases the pearl in all of it’s spectacular glory.
Pearl bracelets, brooches, earrings, jewellery sets, and necklaces are available surrounded by gold, white gold and two colour gold.

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Seamist continues to offer many pieces to suit many budgets, all elegant, and all featuring the sought after uniqueness that is the Seamist name. Just as the sea gave to us the hypnotic appeal of the glistening pearl, Seamist gives you the jewellery that holds it in the highest of regards.
This is a collection of striking jewellery, with an elegance and refined reputation that the pearl has held for centuries. Seamist utilizes this history with it’s jewellery respecting traditions and catering to a woman’s love for femininity in her jewellery. Pearls are the focus of this line of enchanting pieces designed to resemble fine art. Hand crafted and intricately assembled, this collection tells the world that you are someone whom appreciates the subtly of a natural design over that of gaudiness. If you’re more of a serenity and light person, and less of a department store jewellery seeker, than these delicate piece are the match for you.
As a bride your pearls will accent the rest of your beauty on that day you’ll not soon forget. The Seamist pearls will bring out the magic, sparking on you for the world to see. Young and old alike may adorn the grace of the Seamist collection, for beauty, class, and simplicity know no age.

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