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Sphere of Life Diamonds offer pendant style bracelets and necklaces for those whom are looking for an edgy twist on the traditional pendant pieces.
The focus of the Sphere of Life Diamond line is showcasing diamonds in a more played down fashion.

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These necklaces and bracelets are a high quality 18 carat gold, but are suited to fit the budget of the average consumer. Youthful in appearance are these pieces of whimsical and “spherical” jewellery, with their modern designs and wild setting for these modest diamonds. If you are a young and hip professional who is looking to make a fashion statement without screaming it, then Sphere of life diamonds are ideal.

They let you be yourself with an added shine that only diamonds can give, but won’t blind everyone around you. Perfect for a professional setting like an office, or school, but also great for a night on the town are these hot accessories. They possess the versatility of design that will go just as well with the classic “little black dress” as will with your favourite dress suit for work.
Don’t be surprised if you see someone in a pair a of blue jeans and a tee shirt, sporting one of the charm bracelets from the collection, or showing off a necklace with it’s mod flair.
The Sphere of Life Diamond collection of bracelets and necklaces are not only hot in the fashion realm, but also very well constructed, you’ll be passing them down through generations.

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