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For the past five years Pieter Erasmus has been splitting his year between Delhi, India producing his spring and autumn collections, of what he calls “costume jewellery”, and design and marketing in London, England.
Erasmus’s jewellery designs are a mix of his passion for Indian culture and his native South African landscape and handcraft.

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The necklaces, earrings, pendants, bangles and bracelets are made with Zari thread, a metallic thread usually woven into Indian clothing, which is hand crocheted around glass beads with fresh-water-pearls and Swarovski crystals. The result is very unique pieces with beautiful geometric shapes and abstract designs.
Necklace designs are made in a three different categories: long, short and pendant. Long necklaces are usually simpler and have a single or multiple stands of beads or pearls. The Short Floral Disc necklaces and Short Statement necklaces showcase the intricate crochet work around large rings, beads crystals. The pendants however hang from oxidised silver chains. All of the necklaces utilize a thread ball clasp.
One piece from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection is a Statement necklace in turquoise and white. The Zari thread is a light turquoise crocheted around three iridescent white discs with dark teal round and square beads in the centres. Below the discs, the necklace becomes a cluster of ovals and circles filled with complex designs of threads.
Since American President Obama’s wife, Michelle, was seen wearing one of Erasmus’s pieces to a White House event, ST ERASMUS has been flooded with orders from all over the world.

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