A collection of fun and striking charms are created by the Truth brand.
Sterling silver with imitation pearls, gems and crystals are brought together to give you a multitude of tiny icons that represent all of us.

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There are many little charms that would make the perfect gift for someone that you love. Showing a friend or family member that you know just what they are all about with a miniature representation of whatever it is that they hold dearest, is a great way to show then that you really care.

They are cute and hip, theses small charms appeal to us all, as there is a charm for everyone. From charms that are simple and round, with imitation pearl to humorous “Cheeky Monkey” charms and romantic hearts, Truth has a charm that will make you and your loved ones smile. Whether it’s a tiny red high heeled shoe that you’re looking for, or a miniature champagne bottle, the variety is as big as the charms are little.

These Truth charms are a hit when collected and worn in bunches, they will make terrific additions to your jewellery box, and are a wonderful way to hold a memory dear. Why not buy her a that champagne bottle charm to help her remember the night that you proposed? The small “I love you” cube charm will make a huge statement. The Truth charms are simple and fun and priced so that everyone can enjoy the stylishness of fine jewellery.

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