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Playful, simple and bright colours are jewellery designer Vibe Harslof’s trademarks.
The Danish born and German trained jeweller works with wood, silver and perspex (more commonly known as acrylic glass or plexiglas).

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Her designs for bracelets, earrings, and bag charms reflect urban, futuristic and graphic styles. Her pieces use simple shapes and bright colours similar to digital vector art. Much of Vibe Harslof’s jewellery has translucent or opaque perspex cut-outs combined with other elements, such as coloured chains on her bag charms, wood hearts in the earrings, and silver clasps on bracelets.
One pendant necklace is made completely of silver. It is in the shape of a cat with three pieced layers connected in the centre by the chain. Each of the three pieces can move independently of the other allowing the cat’s tail, feet, and head to move freely.
Two of Harslof’s newest jewellery pieces are getting quite a bit of attention. One is spiked earrings and pins made of black perspex and oxidised silver.
They were inspired by ice formations and will make a point of standing out no matter what clothes are worn with them. The second is a retro design round-bead necklace called “Molecule” with beads made of undecorated cork and bright coloured resin.
Besides designing for her personal collections Vibe Harslof has collaborated with other designers and jewellery companies such as Paul Smith, BCBG, Arena cph, Pilgrim Jewellery and Fafafa. Her current projects are released every six months with new collaborations with PA:NUU’s and Stanwell.

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