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Gold jewellery makes the wearer feel like royalty and why not? The look is expensive and the price tag will usually confirm that. Gold makes a statement and with that statement is dollar signs galore.
The unusual thing about gold is that it is not a durable metal all on its on. Gold requires an alloy to build up its strength. Silver and copper are suitable matches for an alloy for gold. With one of these metals as the alloy, gold can stand on its on and be durable and strong.

What to know when buying Gold Jewellery

Hallmarks on gold are a requirement in the UK. This type of identification mark essentially tells the buyer the purity of the precious metal and possibility the maker of the piece of jewellery. The place where the construction of the jewellery may also be determined. Gold jewellery is highly sought after and while fakes exist, the real thing is what buyers are after.

Gold is evaluated by the Carat – The higher the gold carat, the purer the piece of jewellery is in gold. Therefore 24-carat gold is fine (99.9% Au w/w), 18-carat gold is 75% gold, 12-carat gold is 50% gold, and so forth.
But remember that pure gold melts, and is soft. So opt for 21 or 18 carat in jewellery!

Wearing gold jewellery can accent any outfit and any occasion, special or otherwise. Buying gold jewellery takes an eye for ones that are real and a pocket book with some give. With any gold jewellery, accents can be added. Gold looks great with pearls, diamonds or birthstones. Even adding platinum to gold can give you that elevated look that you are looking for. A two-toned ring or bracelet gives the elegance of gold and the sparkle of either silver, titanium or even platinum. Whatever you pair gold with, the outcome is the same. The look is flawless. Gold accents are attractive and no one can deny that.

Nothing says “I love you” like something personal and thoughtful and made of gold. It is just that special to bring two people together.
Everything you touch turns to gold when you are wearing it. Let’s face it gold is an eye catching, eye popping, eye grabbing colour. Not only do you look great, you also have the beautiful tones that gold offers. They can be added through, not only jewellery, but also makeup or even shoes or a belt. Greens go best with gold and black is a never fail colour. Adding small gold accents with jewellery is like being kissed from the gold gods. Whenever the light catches the gold all eyes will be on you. They will not leave you either, unless you leave the room or the party.

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