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Platinum is the highest standard of precious metal used in jewellery. It is a white metal and will not discolour a diamond and is therefore often used as the setting of choice for engagement rings.
Platinum is naturally resistant to tarnishing and fading and is also so pure that it is often chosen because it is naturally hypoallergenic. For people with sensitive skin that cannot ordinarily tolerate pierced earrings, platinum might be the best solution.

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Platinum is stronger than silver or gold and will not wear away or drop precious stones. In fact, it is so durable that it is used in pacemakers. This strong, yet pliable metal is perfect for jewellery crafting as its purity, strength and beauty make it stunning to stand-alone or as a setting or compliment for fine gemstones. Platinum has been used for over 2000 years. Platinum jewellery relics have been found in South America and in Egypt. 30 times more rare than gold, platinum is one of the most precious and beautiful of precious metals. The statement of platinum jewellery is one of individuality and lasting beauty.

Platinum’s expense is due to the fact that it is so rare. When trying to determine if a piece of jewellery is made of platinum, one should look for the hallmark. Each piece is marked with some symbol indicating it is of the platinum family. For example: PT950, 900PT, 950PLAT. By law, if a piece of jewellery is marked as being made of platinum, then it must be at least 95% pure. Platinum is also much heavier than gold. Securing a rare, beautiful diamond in platinum setting ensures your stone will be kept much more securely than gold. Bands of platinum hold their lustre without need of replating and are more resistant to wear and tear. This is crucial for a piece such as the engagement ring which will be worn constantly.

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