Birthday Jewellery

A birthday is a special day in every person’s life- a day to celebrate with his or her family and friends.
Birthdays were first celebrated in Europe. Birthday jewellery has been a conventional birthday gift as both men and women have always loved ornaments.

What to know when buying Birthday Jewellery

The most traditional birthday jewellery has been those embedded with birthstones or zodiac gem-stones that correspond to the birth month of the recipient. Such daily wear jewellery will bring good-luck to the wearer besides making them stand out in the crowd.

Sterling silver birthday jewellery pieces made of a mix of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of metals like copper are very durable and cheap and great for daily wear and office wear. Try to pick up such birthday jewellery containing more zinc than copper to reduce tarnishing possibilities.

Birthday jewellery is to be chosen based on the age of the celebrant. The fashion conscious girl celebrating her 18th birthday would love an exquisite Swarovski crystal-charm for party wear or chunky or sleek silver bracelets suitable for college wear. Milestone jewellery can be given on milestone birthdays. For instance peridot jewellery for a 16th birthday, pearl jewellery for 30th birthday, ruby jewellery for 40th birthday, gold and diamond jewellery for the 50th and 60th birthday respectively. This jewellery combines well with an evening gown.

You could also present unique hand made or vintage jewellery on birthdays that can be worn to social events. However examine the pieces carefully before buying to ensure they are not damaged or worn out.

Birthday jewellery is not just for women. Men’s birthday jewellery include oblong, square and horse shoe rings made of metal, or leather choker-like necklaces with chunky diamond encrusted pendants. Leather/titanium bracelets and gem studs also make a stylish looking birthday jewellery gift for men.

You can now make unique birthday jewellery that is personalised with the help of custom jewellery designers, this can really make your present unique.

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