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It has been an age old Western tradition for a man to present an engagement ring to his fiancé when he proposes. The ring is worn until marriage or even afterwards.

It was in the Middle Ages that the European affluent class made diamond engagement rings popular. The increase in supply of diamonds from Brazil in the 18th century gave rise to the diamond cluster engagement rings.

What to know when buying Engagement Jewellery

Today you can choose between the traditional solitaire diamond engagement rings with a single diamond, trinity diamond rings or engagement rings with diamond clusters for greater sparkle.

Ensure that the diamond is well cut for maximum brilliance. Round, oval, princess, pear and marquise are the popular cuts. Colourless and very strong coloured diamonds are rare and hence more special and valuable. See to it that the diamond has a high grade for clarity.

While traditional engagement rings adopted band styles only recently did engagement ring styles begin to include twisted bands and rings with basket setting or delicately raised settings to highlight the centre stone. Platinum bands set with diamonds are also popular choices for engagement rings. This trend ensued in the 20th century.

Another option for the man in love is to buy an engagement ring set with precious gems like sapphires, rubies and emeralds, a trend that started in the 19th century when these stones become rarer than the easily available diamond and hence gained preference for engagement rings.

For those couples who wish to stand out from the crowd eco-friendly engagement rings made of recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds is a dazzling solution. Unique vintage and antique engagement rings in Edwardian style, Art Nouveau style or Art Deco style can be bought from jewellery designers.

It is always better to buy your engagement ring from a reputable source for ensuring the best quality for your money.

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