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The sparkle across the room in a well-crafted piece of jewellery is what is called fine jewellery. It is made from gold or silver and is rather richly priced. This type of jewellery also does not have accents of precious metals that are fake.

Every bit of fine jewellery is real and its price is revealed as such. Unlike costume jewellery, fine jewellery is meant to make a bold statement and the metals used are of the highest qualities. Diamonds(not CZ’s), pearl, topaz, ruby and many others are carefully crafted to give this type of jewellery its look and value. Fine jewellery is used in bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces and everything in between. If you want it in a fine jewellery setting I am sure someone has it or for the right price it can be made for you just the way that you want it.

What to know when buying Fine Jewellery

Should you invest in fine jewellery? It all depends on what you are looking for. Is this a piece of jewellery that has a place in your jewellery box forever or is it one that can be used from time to time and be easily replaced?
Fine jewellery is essentially what all jewellery lovers’ want. We want the sparkle, the pizzazz, and the flare. We want to be noticed and for some, having others know how much something costs is the ultimate compliment. Fine jewellery can take any outfit and make it look like a million dollars. When it comes to jewellery of this calibre, money is the main focus.
You must have it to purchase this type and remember we all deserve a little trinket from time to time. Although I said money is the main focus, it very well may not be the only focus. You pay for what you get and if you spent less on a piece of jewellery you make get a piece that is not worth what you paid for it. It might fall apart once you get it home or even worse you could pay a lot for a fake and not even realize it till it is too late. Jewellery purchases should be made carefully and cautiously so follow our guides and reviews.

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Carolina Bucci 18k gold chain lariat with silk tassels

Carolina Bucci 18k gold chain lariat with silk tassels

Carolina Bucci 18k gold chain lariat with silk tassels
This Carolina Bucci 18k gold chain lariat with silk tassels is a unique piece of jewellery that’ll add some spice and elegance to any outfit. It’s made out of 18ct gold chain lariat with woven silk tassels in yellow, gold, green, …

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