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Wedding rings are exchanged by man and woman at their marriage ceremony in the church as a symbol of commitment to loyalty. They are meant for everyday wear.

Wedding rings are most popularly preferred in gold of 14 Karat or 18 Karat. Irish folklore says that a wedding ring made of some other material would bring bad luck. Wedding rings are also available in the expensive platinum material. A cheaper alternative are the wedding rings in white gold. Titanium material is used for men’s wedding rings. They are light, durable and inexpensive.

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Diamond wedding rings are very popular as the Europeans believed from the ancient times that the diamond, the hardest mineral on Earth was apt to represent marriage, an unbroken union of man and woman.

Big diamonds and expensive coloured diamonds are the current trends. Ensure that the diamond you buy is well cut for highest sparkle. Diamond wedding ring styles like solitaire or single diamond, channel diamond and cluster diamonds are popular amid women.

While most men’s wedding rings are plain broad bands there are also pieces with diamonds and gem stones set on them and engraved ones.

Rubies and sapphires are considered ideal for wedding rings because of their durability. This trend dates back to the Egyptians as well as the medieval Europeans who preferred the ruby for wedding bands as it had the red colour of a heart and sapphire because it was the sky’s colour.

Wedding rings were traditionally the half-round bands. Today you can experiment a bold look with a flat-edged or knife-edge wedding ring. The Milgrain/beaded edge style gives the traditional wedding ring a more decorative look.

Couples of Irish descent can opt for the Celtic wedding rings that sport the Celtic knot work or the Claddagh wedding rings.

Unique antique wedding rings from antique dealers are a good buy, but ensure that they are free of chips and flaws.

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