Iosselliani Designer Ring Collection

Published: February 8th, 2009

Iosselliani, the creation of Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci, are masterful designers and craftsmen. They define beauty of the sake of beauty often layering one delicate strand of metal on another until the piece forms an unexpected, surreal, yet captivating and enchanting vision. Bold, beautiful designs for artistic renaissance people with a keenness for the dramatic.

Iosselliani Silver Panther Ring
The Iosselliani Silver Panther Ring is a statement of wealth and well being. The wrap around panther with a red and clear zircon studded collar is magnificent. His eyes glow of red zircon with clear diamond-like chips of sparkling in the corners. His mouth is open, his foot ready to reach, absolutely stunning with realistic details.

Iosselliani Golden Panther Ring

The Iosselliani Golden Panther Ring is the same design but his collar is clear zircon with red accents and his eyes are clear with bits of red at the corners. Both rings measure 14mm at the widest point and are adjustable.

Iosselliani Dotted Panther Ring

Not to be outdone another Panther appears but this one is spotted. A silver background with dark jewels to mark the spots, and ruby eyes, he is facing you straight on challenging you from the joint of your finger.The spotted panther measures 18mm at the widest point.

The Stackable Ring with the Crystal Band is comprised of seven different rings each unique but fitting together to make an interesting unit of appeal. Some are silver, some are 18k gold plate, some are smooth, some have chains, peaks, circles and raised surface and one is a band of shimmering rhinestone crystals.

Another offering of stackable rings is the Stackable Silver Ring. Eight different rings with different shapes combine to make one. The widest point measures 20mm. Stacked Ring with Pearl is a fixed stack ring with protruding silver claw set with a pearl, another setting holds a ruby coloured stone and yet another a crystal stone. Limited Edition Snake Ring is a fixed stack with a sapphire, zircons and rubies incorporated in the body of a coiled snake.

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