Willa M Necklaces by Amanda Marie

Published: January 13th, 2009

 Willa M necklaces

Willa M is the line of Amanda Marie who designs for the ‘spirit’. Her fashion is created in the memory of her brother William. She creates whimsical, stylish pieces that appeal to young and mature alike. She uses mixed metals and sometimes unconventional symbols to make bold statements.

One of her most capricious creations is the Gun, Star and Skull charm necklace. The chain measures 44cm and is fashioned in sterling silver beads with a holder and ring for the charms. The charms hang from the ring in a frontal order. The star is 14k gold vermeil, upstages the sterling silver gun, and is across from the grinning, gold skull.

The Two Hearts Dog Tag necklace is the ideal gift for your loved one pinning together your identity and defining a ‘spoken for’ heart. The chain is of delicate beaded 14K gold vermeil and is 70cm long. The hearts are flat gold in dog tag style with a heart cut from the corner of each.

Ahoy Matey! When you feel like sailing the seven seas the Mermaid, Star and Anchor necklace is the catch of the day. Three charms, a 14k gold vermeil mermaid, a gold star, and sterling silver anchor dangle from a sterling silver beaded chain that measures 44cm.

Beautiful simplicity shines through with the Flower Necklace. A flower medallion on a pearl detailed gold chain makes this piece special. No doubt the surf, wind and sea inspired Willa M’s sterling silver Ring of Birds necklace. The details are exquisite.

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