Pandora Bracelets

Published: February 8th, 2009

Pandora completed bracelets
If you are looking for unique, interesting and individual designer jewellery, then the Pandora jewellery collection has got something for everyone.

Pandora works on the same concept of charm bracelets, where charms were often added to bracelets to signify special occasions.

Pandora modernises this concept, with their range of gorgeous charms made from Murano glass, 14ct gold, sterling silver, diamonds and other gemstones including  as onyx, sapphire and different quartz stones.  Pandora has now repositioned charm bracelets from just for special occasions, to a gorgeous must-have fashion accessory.

When it comes to making your Pandora bracelet, or necklace unique there are many charms to pick from ranging from a few £££ – to over £1,000 and it is easy to combine different materials , designs and stones to make it as unique and individual as you.

Already a huge hit in the States, Australia and across Europe, and with an A list celebrity following including top fashion designer Donna Karan, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston and more, Pandora is now taking the UK by storm.
Creating your own Pandora bracelet, necklace or anklet is easy, all you need to start is to chose a Pandora chain. These come in various styles from sterling silver to gold, to leather bound pieces.

Pandora chain
After that you can accessorize your Pandora chain as you like it, by adding beads, charms, and features to create your own fabulous piece of jewellery.

If you do need any pointers on designing your Pandora bracelet, click here for an easy step by step guide.

The main thing with Pandora jewellery is to make it about you, so it’s individual, unique and special.  And most of all enjoy making it, and collecting different materials to suit your style. Pandora bracelets and necklaces are ideal gifts, and are sure to make a great st valentines day present.

Here are a few of our favourite charms from the Pandora collection –

Pandora Silver & Gold Love Bouquet Charm

Pandora Silver Love Bouquet Charm

Pandora Silver Purse Charm

Pandora Silver Handbag Charm with pink Cubic Zirconia

Pandora Silver Easter Egg Charm with Gem

Pandora Silver Easter Egg Charm with Gem

View the full Pandora range by clicking here


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