Designer Spotlight – quibus jewellery

Published: September 19th, 2009

At My Designer Jewellery we are fanatical about jewellery, and love to hear about new collections from independent jewellery designers – Today we have Philippe Di Benedetto, a new independent jewellery designer, which has kindly shared his new collection with us. Check out our interview below, and get in touch if you want to be featured in the next designer spotlight.


What is quibus jewellery?

Quibus jewellery is my identity, the name of my future official activity. For the little history, Quibus is a simple old Frenchy name to say: “money” wich in France is named “argent”. In French again, “argent” is a synonym of silver, so, as I find this name funny and short, I decide to keep it for my activity because I’m only using silver 950 for my creations. Quibus is a concept. Quibus is another way trough creative but wearable and affordable jewellery. Quibus is trying to express my intimate sensibility.

What is your background, and how did you get into jewellery making?

I’ve been studying graphic design in Paris (France) for 3 years in a high school and I’ve been working 25 years in many different studios in this domain. When I was a teenager, I was very attracted by artisanal works and specially in jewellery making and watches. But at this time, nobody around me helped me, or only encouraged me to find training in these trades. Last year I’ve met a great artist a sculptor who was a jeweller in the past and who is teaching his techniques and tricks. I spend 7 days with him in his atelier and this meeting was a revelation to this new need in my life. At the end of last year, my company fired me because the office for which I worked closed. Here is what really triggered this new conversion.

What is your inspiration for your jewellery creations?

My inspiration is woman, woman and nature by the gemstones. For me, women are all queens and princesses. I think that we should listen to them and to let them guide us. My inspiration is coming from a deep sensibility in ancien civilisations Egypt, Atlantis, South american societies… My inspiration is the moon as well, the sun, fresh water, trees, birds, the seas…
Talk us through some of your favourite creations (include links to images on flickr)


This is Manoutha. Manoutha is going to be the second in a serie of 3 pendants inspired by Atlantis history.

This unnamed pendant is the first one, a present that I offered to the woman I love.
Other on this theme are to come but will be very different. I love one of a kind pieces or very small series.


Whats next for quibus jewellery?

Hemmm… I’m making a wish… That everywhere women on earth carry my jewelry;-).
I’m looking for places and galleries in the world to show my work, I’m looking to meet people who can help me in my business to distribute my creations, of course I want to live from this exciting activity. Everything interest me to become better and better in all aspects of my work, and I’m working hard on it.

Thanks Philippe!

You can check out Philippe Di benedetto’s flickr’s page here with his latest creations:


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