Starbucks under spotlight for anti jewellery stance

Published: August 31st, 2007

Starbucks under spotlight for anti jewelry stanceStarbucks it seems are often under the spotlight, and this is no exception. Jewellery it seems is the new focus of Starbuck’s attention, as they are trying to push the corporate ethos and prevent staff from wearing any discernable jewellery whilst at work.

The issue has come alight as the CBC has been ordered by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to hand over an interview with Benita Singh, one of two Indo-Canadian ex Starbucks employees who had filed human rights complaints against Starbucks after being fired for refusing to remove a nose ring.

On Friday Starbucks was granted its request for transcripts of a 2003 CBC interview with Singh, in which she discussed her dismissal from Starbucks and her reasons for wearing a nose ring.

The two firings clash with Starbucks’ claim that it practices diversity in its human resources policy, said Fong.


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