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V&A Enterprises Ltd., the trading company of the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, has announced the opening, in May 2008, of a new William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery. The gallery will display an impressive collection of over 3,500 jewels from the V&A jewellery selections which encompass a stunning and world renowned collection of some of the finest designs.

The V&A is an emporium noted for displaying the best in contemporary jewellery design. They recently opened three new shops to showcase their versatility and to enhance their already extensive product line. ‘Cherry on the Cake’ was established to bring together a range of designers, ideas and products and compile a collection of exclusive limited editions. The V&A has the reputation of originality, diversity and distinctive quality and will bring that commodity to the forefront in this new venture. Past collaborations have included the work of Neisha Crosland, Daisy de Villeneuve, Jasper Conran and Bill Amberg. Cherry on the Cake is a welcome addition to their already amazing store of merchandise.

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V&A Select has an unrivaled selection of the very best in contemporary jewellery. From work of designers all over the world the eclectic gathering ranges from ‘one off studio’ pieces to ‘of the moment items’. During the opening of the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery the V&A Select included a contribution of several of their acclaimed designers whose work will be featured in the new gallery. Many of the pieces will be offered as an exclusive of the V&A.

V&A Collection will compliment V&A Select by showcasing affordable, wearable reproductions inspired by the collection of the V&A. Imaginatively designed reproduction pieces, many exclusive to the V&A, will be offered. Motivated by work of designers of the Etruscan period, through the 21st Century, these pieces of artistic jewellery will be available to a broad market of taste and age. Appealing and original are the watchwords of the V&A Collection.

Together, these V&A exclusive assortments offer a fantastic choice of over 800 designs. Elegant work inspired by history, modern contemporary designs, something to suit the romantic, fastidious, or adventurous taste.

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